9 Documents That Help You Reap Real Estate Tax Breaks

South Bay homeowners - be sure to have these forms for your tax prep
Time to get ready for tax time! If you are expecting a refund and you’re a South Bay Homeowner, be sure to know about the 9 documents you should have when you prepare your return to take advantage of tax benefits of owning a home.

1. Mortgage Interest Statement (IRS Form 1098)
2. Property Tax Statements
3. Uniform Settlement Statement (HUD-1)
4. Moving Expense Receipts
5. Cancellation of Debt Statement (IRS Form 1099)
6. Utility statements for home office.
7. Income and Expense statements from rental properties.
8. Contractor receipts from energy efficient home improvements.
9. Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)

Read all the details at the Trulia real estate website.